I Am The Creator


I am the creator

I am the creator

I am the light and the love and the angel and the giver

I am a dreamer and the inspiration from soul

I have the power to unfold

And release this desire

It was my choice

It is always my choice

I choose it all

For I am the unfolding

I flow with all I invite in

And I want to do this for you

And for me

To dream, to live what is possible

For I am the creator

And I manifest everything I desire






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Rose quartz is all about love and forgiveness :)

There are many lessons to learn in this earthly reality, but one of the most profound of these lessons is what it means to love ~ truly and unconditionally.

On our quest to wherever it is we are going, we seem to seek a feeling of love. From a tender young age it is our primary goal. And once felt and recognised, we want it more and more. Its easy to see why so many crave the divine experience of love…

Because, let’s be honest, to love is the most exhilarating and heart opening of all emotions, and it is because of love that we make some of the biggest life changing decisions!

I don’t know about you, but many of my most challenging lessons relate to love. When it comes to love, we are oftentimes so fearful of losing it that we hold on to it tightly or we push it away, destroying what we hold dearest to our hearts because we are scared of something that could be so perfect. We doubt it or believe love is not possible for us. Or sometimes we are so caught up in drama and self-defeatism that love goes unnoticed.

Yet without love we are lost. Disconnected.

Sometimes love disguises itself in the form of abuse, neglect, rage ~ because those who act out in this way are also experiencing lessons of love. They must learn what it means perhaps more than any of us. Sometimes love does leave us behind, broken hearts or death in our wake. But that won’t stop us on our continued search for love. For we must dedicate our entire lives to it. That ‘love’ feeling, whatever it is for each individual, can be experienced in everything we do on this planet.

I’m not just talking about a deep loving soul connection, or the kind of love that exists between a mother and child, or through the union of true divine marriage ~ some of the best gifts of love around, true. But love can be found through connecting with our neighbours, our friends, strangers, passers by… love can even be found in the work that we do, in our chores, cooking, gardening, artistic pursuits, exercise routine… Everything!

When we move through life with love in our hearts, we let the light of God in, and that is the kind of divinity we are truly seeking.

Rose quartz is all about love and forgiveness. Unconditional in its purest form, we are blessed with this common pink healing stone for she teaches us through forgiveness that love is possible in all situations and that love is here waiting for us when we are ready to open our hearts. I’ve placed a large raw piece in my drinking water jug this past week and I’m enjoying the gentle soothing energy immensely (thank you beautiful Jacqueline for the idea!) It’s also a great idea to place a nice raw or tumbled stone beside your bed ~ sleep peacefully whilst your bedroom fills with a subtle loving vibration. You may even notice a shift in energy between you and your partner if you’re in a relationship 🙂

As humans we are by nature divine loving beings and we are all capable of not only finding love, but of allowing ourselves to experience it in every moment. Unconditionally.

May love find its way into your heart. Peacefully and perfectly, may love find its way to you … In everything that you do 🙂

2014 blessings

Peace 🙂





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Lepidolite and the potential for change

Well, it’s a New Year, so that means fresh beginnings, changing thoughts, open doorways to new ideas and, for me, enthusiasm to steer my life in a brand spanking new direction.

And the comforting Lepidolite reassures me that things can’t and won’t stay the same. It’s time to set new some goals and get moving!

2013 brought its share of challenges (and a whole lot of amazingnesses too!). But I’m one of those souls that had stuff to learn (if that sounds like you too, lucky us I say!). Instead of thriving at full speed, my inner world was a little knocked about and some yuk stuff bubbled to the surface for me to take a closer look at.

It seemed I was further from divine love than Id expected.

Chris my fiancé tells me that he sees me as a ‘ball of love’ but if that’s the case, why would ‘love’ allow fear, insecurity and mistrust to hang around and make a nuisance of itself?

It was meant to be that way I guess, for as we experience, heal and reflect so do we learn. Sometimes profoundly, deeply. And what joy there is in realising where you need to heal and allowing yourself to BE healed, with insights from personal experience leading the way! By recognising profoundly what it feels like to not be ‘love’ and thus moving in the direction toward it.

Or as Philosophical Writer and Speaker Alan Watts puts it ~

“So what is discord at one level of your being is harmony at another level.”

So, I bought this gorgeous Lepidolite necklace for half price at a closing down crystal sale late last year and knew it was meant for me! I only wore it once or twice last year, but this past week I can’t get enough of this rough edged yet smooth faced lilac purple pendant!

I absolutely LOVE lepidolite! Not only is this stone my fave colour but its vibration is lovely and it’s metaphysical properties are so versatile as it is used widely in healing sessions, able to aid one in overcoming addictions, encouraging independence, connecting with spirit, removing blockages and one can also wear or use it to alleviate unwelcome symptoms such as nerve pain, tension and stress, epilepsy and alzheimers as well as providing profound healing for those suffering from mental health conditions. In simple words its primary activating principal is all about ‘transition’. Moving from one state of consciousness or awareness to a higher, lighter, organised or more focussed state.

That’s what I need to kick start my year!

I’ve since been busy sorting through my priorities and what I can purposefully leave way back there in good old 2013. Now that the jetlag and post-holiday slump from our recent overseas adventure to South Africa has subsided and ‘reality’ has made itself well and truly known, I feel a sense of new-ness in the air. I have committed to part time studies and developed a new work plan for the role that pays my bills, we’re back into exercise, meditating, healthy eating and I’ve even created a simple (and therefore) achievable list of goals for the year.

Thanks Lepidolite for being with me as I sorted myself out! 2014 looks to be exciting. I’ve a feeling that I can be and do the things I truly set my mind (and heart) to. So can you.


Peace ~ love ~ blessings





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South Africa

South Africa

The joys of travelling ~ new experiences, a new culture and a sense that I’ve now gained a broader perspective…

My journey has brought me here to South Africa for a three week Christmas/New Year holiday to meet Chris’s family, share the festive season and explore this unique part of the world 🙂

In just a few weeks I have learned so much about the lovely Afrikaans people, who speak a Dutch inspired language and enjoy foods such a braai, potjie and boerewors. Ways of life here seem to resonate with a kind of familiarity and I have often found myself recognizing the many similarities and comparing to my humble Australian upbringing, whilst at the same time acknowledging that here in the colourfully and linguistically diverse South Africa, social problems seem far more apparent, corruption is rife and the divide between those that ‘have’ and those that ‘don’t have’ is obvious.

But there is just so much to appreciate when it comes to nature! South Africa is unmistakably beautiful 🙂 A truly stunning country. We have checked out just some of the beaches, mountains and wilderness and observed its wild animals and pretty birds, and all I can say is ~ wow 😀

And of course, the stones and crystals!… I was so grateful as we stumbled upon a small store offering an unimaginable selection of delightful stones, cut and polished uniquely and for sale at a fraction of the price they would be back home. So we stocked up. Not with the intention of keeping them all (!) but with a higher mission to ensure they will be sold or passed on to deserving others.

These Jaspers below are but a small collection of the many other types of stones and crystals that were excitably purchased.

Jaspers feel so ‘home-y’. They are comfortable to hold and when I’m feeling stressed or slightly on edge, Jasper grounds me ever so subtly, soothes the nerves and nurtures me into a state of balance. (Read more about my Jasper experience here).

Jaspers come in all sorts of colours and patterns and are found in many parts of the world, but these polished earthy South African Red Breciated Jaspers and Madagascan Desert Jaspers were too good to leave behind! We also picked up some incredible Picture and Picasso Jasper pendant pieces (not shown in this pic). Nature’s works of art that served as a reminder to me that these earthly beings surely must be a gift to us so that we can receive not only their energy and learning lessons, but to also appreciate their exceptional beauty.

May the beauty of nature reveal itself to you too.

Peace love and blessings on your journey 🙂




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Do you feel worthy?

The feeling of worthlessness is a heavy one.

I’ve been through it many times before. I know it well. The icky voice of worthlessness.

Only, I thought I’d let it go for good a long time ago, for the spiritual path I’ve been blessed to have journeyed lead me down there. Way down. Through intense soul sweating and enlightening discoveries, I learned, and I moved through those feelings…

But they like to pop up again so it seems!

Perhaps for the sake of this blog those silly old feelings wanted to rear their ugly head again just so that I could write about it and share!

It’s comforting to know that I’ve an ever expanding assortment of useful inner and outer ‘self-help’ resources to access if I choose, most of which I did not have in my early 20’s. So should I happen to recognise old patterns re-emerging, I understand it for what it is and deep down I know what to do.

When worthlessness overcomes me I begin to doubt everything. And what’s worse is that I begin to believe those egoistic thoughts when they start yabbering away! I am not good at this, I am not able to do or create that… etc etc

It’s all bollocks quite frankly and the further I separate myself from those mean spirited thoughts, the more I can connect with who I truly am, and what I know to be…

** ~ Love ~ **

The first step in overcoming irrational feelings of worthlessness is to recognise that it’s possible to be separate from them. Your true beautiful self is not working against you hoping that your life will fall apart and that you will fail :p

The second step is to believe that you ARE worthy of love. Worthy of everything that you sincerely want! Louise Hay brings this message to world and encourages us to use the power of affirmations to install new thought patterns that affirm the truth.

“I am loveable and worth loving”
“The fact that I exist means that I am worth loving”

Try saying that 10 times in front of a mirror and feel the difference! I did and couldn’t help myself. Once that face started smiling it was hard not to smile back 😉

Rhodonite is the stone I was called to work with to help me overcome my weighty moment of worthlessness. Rhodonite teaches us to experience unconditional love in the moment, for what you give out to the world so shall it be received in balance. And if love is what you are lacking, if you are in fear, stressed or impatient, grieving or blocking yourself from the flow of the gift of love, or if your inner child still carries around old wounds and scars, allow this stone to work with you to open up your heart while grounding you in a state of understanding through love.

… And know, trust, that we are eternally worthy in the eyes of Divine 🙂


Starchild Dreamer



Rhodonite is also known as the Emergency Stone, with an amazing ability to rapidly ground in LOVE when one needs immediate comfort


PS ~~ I am grateful for this blog, for as I write so do I learn, or relearn, the truth and what it means to exist inside an inner world where feelings are found.

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Embracing Weirdness

Throughout my life I have come up against many challenges related to being considered ‘odd’.

I’m the black sheep of my family, so to speak. Or as I like to call it, the ‘colourful sheep’! 😀 Throughout school, university and in some workplaces I oftentimes felt like a foreigner in a strange land. My destined spiritual path, a path I feel I’ve had no choice but to take, has opened me up to insights and teachings that many realists that I know have rejected or simply weren’t able to grasp. So I learned to keep parts of myself hidden away.

I’ve been told that Im ‘unique’ or that I have an ‘odd disposition’… I’d love to say with absolute thick-skinned confidence that I don’t mind, they’re all just subjective opinions anyway :-p But I am a sensitive sausage, & like many, I’m learning life lessons about not taking things so personally, following my own heart and listening to my intuition despite what others perceive.

~ I’m not alone in this. Are you a weird one?

With practice it is possible to be more accepting and embracing of our weirdness. I personally adore weird people! They are the best kind and must be revered rather than excluded. I have appreciated working in the field of youth and social services as I am constantly in contact with disengaged or wayward individuals in need of understanding and true connection. My personal experiences have unlocked a deep sense of compassion and I’m able to connect in a way that means something.

Some of us weird ones may be acutely aware of a subtle or indeed obvious sense of discord when we try to fit into certain groups. If you’re anything like me, the awareness that you’re not able to fake who you are just to fit in, can be overwhelming. And unless you have the tools to deal with disharmonious emotions or have learned to sit with uncomfortable feelings, self-criticism can rear its ugly head or cause one to recluse out of fear.

It’s good to remind yourself though, that it is truly a gift to be so receptive and able to ‘feel into’ situations. For us sensitive types, we must learn to nurture our sensitivities or ‘weirdnesses’. Make light hearted fun of it and love ourselves no matter what.

A perfect crystal for this kind of emotional healing and one that I wish I’d known about many years ago, is Spirit Quartz (also known as Cactus Quartz /Porcupine Quartz or Fairy Quartz! 🙂 ) from the Magaliesberg Mountain region of South Africa. This sparkly shiny lovely amethyst like stone is all about harmony and alignment with others, relieving feelings of separateness or loneliness in family or group situations and allowing one to find a common ground.

“Spirit Quartz promotes the spirit of cooperation, group consciousness, and a willingness to put aside the self in favor of the higher good. It tempers those who tend to be self-centered, confrontational, egoistic or anti-social, and assists those with a fear of social situations to be more open and friendly.” [Ahsian, 376]

We are all inherently beautiful, divine by birthright and on our journey of unfolding and learning. We may be weird to some, but we can also be kindhearted and purposeful in our mission to contribute to the world in the best way we know how.

So, are you a weird one?!

If so, feel it. Embrace it! Weirdness is wonderful 🙂

Love and blessings 🙂




Fairy Spirit Quartz is all about peace and harmony 🙂

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The depth of gratitude

    As I wrote this post i was outside in the garden of our lovely little house. An abundance of greenery and trees in all directions, birds, bugs, butterflies and ants going about their business, even an owl hoot hooting softly in the distance. We are lucky to live on a large property set in stunning natural surroundings and not too far from the city.

    It’s a peaceful Monday evening and, I feel blessed today 🙂

    I organised to have the day off after having spent my weekend at an intensive two day liquid crystals healing course (find out more here if your interest is sparked; it’s unbelievably incredible).

    Mondays off are undoubtedly awesome 😉

    The sun was out in full force today. Summer is finally here! It’s been a long winter this year in Melbourne, most would not attest to that. And me being from Queensland originally, I haven’t quite adjusted to the indecisive weather patterns, never confident in knowing whether a jacket and / or scarf will be required in the middle of November ! … We still sleep most nights wrapped up in a thick fluffy blanket – unbelievable!

    Needless to say I embraced the 37 degree heat today with the excitement of a true Queenslander 🙂

    Its always a pleasure to wake up next to the man of my dreams and fiancé, Chris, but today was an especially lovely one as we rolled around til our tummys started grumbling and we had no choice but to get brunch happening. Today felt like a holiday as we spoiled ourselves with milkshakes and a decadent Max Brenner chocolate delight for afternoon tea, checked out an intriguing crystal shop new to the area, then spent our afternoon by the river soaking up yummy nature vibes and planning our upcoming summer adventure to South Africa to meet Chris’s parents!

    But this post is not just about today. It’s about every day. And through the ups and downs and roundabouts I’ve been through this year, one thing remains a constant ~ the need for gratitude.

    At times I am prone to getting caught up in fear based disdain for the hand I’ve been dealt. I sometimes focus too much on my flaws and less on my divinity, my gifts and unique strengths. My desire to have what I don’t yet have, can drive me to the point where I either deflate completely or take it out on others (Chris mostly, sorryyyy).

    Always though, if i can find something, even something small and seemingly insignificant like the sound of bird chirping nearby or a day, like today, that really made me smile and soak it all up, that is when my heart opens. And the light so loving can break through.

    Chris and I will often write down or ask each other just before bed which five things we are grateful for that happened that day. It’s become a rule now that even if you are convinced your day was so below average that it’s not possible to come up with five, too bad. Keep going. A simple vegemite sandwich could be a highlight 😀 (I personally have positive childhood associations to vegemite sandwiches:) lol ) … More often than not, once i begin to truly reflect honestly it becomes an effortless process to notice amazing happenings. And, amazing things happen every single day. Even the most closed off, cynical, reclusive individual could find gratitude in every day, if they choose to acknowledge it. Simply noticing that the sun was shining, a leaf danced in the breeze, a stranger or loved one smiled at you, fresh water was available to drink, the fluffy carpet felt nice on your feet, you sneezed a good sneeze, there was enough Coco Pops left for you to enjoy, a song lyric or melody sparked something within you or you managed to keep the egg yolk whole when cracking an egg 🙂 Not to mention things like synchronicities, lessons learned, goals achieved, wisdom received and new understandings reached!

    Gratitude brings us to an inner place of true appreciation for whichever circumstance you’re in. In any given moment. And in the ever expansive space of gratitude you open the doorway to love.

    Here is a gorgeous quote that sums it all up beautifully ~

    “Gratitude unlocks the fullness of life. It turns what we have into enough, and more. It turns denial into acceptance, chaos to order, confusion to clarity. It can turn a meal into a feast, a house into a home, a stranger into a friend. Gratitude makes sense of our past, brings peace for today and creates a vision for tomorrow.”
    ― Melody Beattie

    Finding something to be grateful for every day will unlock doors.
    Gratitude is the key.

    ~ Blessings ~

    Starchilddreamer xx


    Notice the subtle messages from the animal kingdom 🙂

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