A brief jasper encounter

I have been put to the test by the universe.

Last Friday I was involved in a nasty car accident. The other driver was on heroine and in a stolen vehicle. He swerved onto my side of the road, over double lines, and we collided head on. This was, without a doubt, one of the most surreal & scary experiences of my life. And I will forever have empathy for any person involved in a severe car crash.

And I am truly grateful for being alive; I was able to walk away from what could have been a fatal end. Luckily myself and my passenger, a young teen I was driving home from the youth service, were not severely injured. Just some bruising, a swollen nose from the airbag and minor whiplash. Can’t say the same for the other guy, who was carted off to hospital in an ambulance, possibly to be followed up by a stint in jail.

In the minutes that followed the crash it seemed as though my emotions would not succumb to the shock, even the police officer called to the scene remarked that I was handling myself well, considering.

On reflection, I was able to attribute my calm demeanour to the fact I was wearing jasper. A lovely protective & nurturing stone that I purchased only a few days previous. Mookaite jasper is handy in times of stress, as it calms overwrought feelings and grounds one into reality, allowing you to absorb your environment by feeling whole and complete.

The weird thing is though that when I went to my dresser the following morning, my friend seemed to have disappeared. This lovely life saving jasper had perhaps served its purpose.

I’ve often read and been told that crystals and stones do this from time to time; manifesting themselves at the exact moment you need their support before unexplainably vanishing without a trace. Sometimes they choose to reappear when you least expect, other times it seems as though these amazing beings move on all together. I searched high and low for this unique and pretty stone… but sadly the mookaite jasper had fulfilled her destiny, with me anyhow.

I have read many books, quotes and done enough spiritual work on myself to know that everything happens for a reason ~~ divine timing promises that this is so. The timing of the accident was so incredible, and as I relive decisions made leading up to the crash and how one small action or gesture would have diverted us completely, I’m left to conclude that my angels were given ample opportunity to divert me away from disaster, but diversion was not part of the plan.

So, how can I trust life when I am not fully convinced that life wants to help me? When faced with this internal predicament, I’m forced to go within, as I realise there is more to understand. I’m must question and dig deeper than before.

We grow in strength and resilience through our most challenging times. And even though I feel the slight weight of guilt for having attracted this into my experience, if I can just chose to see a silver living whilst allowing life to flow the direction it wants to take me … Surely then I will fully see true meaning.

And I will hold the memory of that loving, caring & gentle jasper close to my heart. And I will pray that life knows better than I do, and I am in the hands of angels even when it seems unlikely so.




Read more about the lovely jasper here


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