The depth of gratitude

    As I wrote this post i was outside in the garden of our lovely little house. An abundance of greenery and trees in all directions, birds, bugs, butterflies and ants going about their business, even an owl hoot hooting softly in the distance. We are lucky to live on a large property set in stunning natural surroundings and not too far from the city.

    It’s a peaceful Monday evening and, I feel blessed today 🙂

    I organised to have the day off after having spent my weekend at an intensive two day liquid crystals healing course (find out more here if your interest is sparked; it’s unbelievably incredible).

    Mondays off are undoubtedly awesome 😉

    The sun was out in full force today. Summer is finally here! It’s been a long winter this year in Melbourne, most would not attest to that. And me being from Queensland originally, I haven’t quite adjusted to the indecisive weather patterns, never confident in knowing whether a jacket and / or scarf will be required in the middle of November ! … We still sleep most nights wrapped up in a thick fluffy blanket – unbelievable!

    Needless to say I embraced the 37 degree heat today with the excitement of a true Queenslander 🙂

    Its always a pleasure to wake up next to the man of my dreams and fiancé, Chris, but today was an especially lovely one as we rolled around til our tummys started grumbling and we had no choice but to get brunch happening. Today felt like a holiday as we spoiled ourselves with milkshakes and a decadent Max Brenner chocolate delight for afternoon tea, checked out an intriguing crystal shop new to the area, then spent our afternoon by the river soaking up yummy nature vibes and planning our upcoming summer adventure to South Africa to meet Chris’s parents!

    But this post is not just about today. It’s about every day. And through the ups and downs and roundabouts I’ve been through this year, one thing remains a constant ~ the need for gratitude.

    At times I am prone to getting caught up in fear based disdain for the hand I’ve been dealt. I sometimes focus too much on my flaws and less on my divinity, my gifts and unique strengths. My desire to have what I don’t yet have, can drive me to the point where I either deflate completely or take it out on others (Chris mostly, sorryyyy).

    Always though, if i can find something, even something small and seemingly insignificant like the sound of bird chirping nearby or a day, like today, that really made me smile and soak it all up, that is when my heart opens. And the light so loving can break through.

    Chris and I will often write down or ask each other just before bed which five things we are grateful for that happened that day. It’s become a rule now that even if you are convinced your day was so below average that it’s not possible to come up with five, too bad. Keep going. A simple vegemite sandwich could be a highlight 😀 (I personally have positive childhood associations to vegemite sandwiches:) lol ) … More often than not, once i begin to truly reflect honestly it becomes an effortless process to notice amazing happenings. And, amazing things happen every single day. Even the most closed off, cynical, reclusive individual could find gratitude in every day, if they choose to acknowledge it. Simply noticing that the sun was shining, a leaf danced in the breeze, a stranger or loved one smiled at you, fresh water was available to drink, the fluffy carpet felt nice on your feet, you sneezed a good sneeze, there was enough Coco Pops left for you to enjoy, a song lyric or melody sparked something within you or you managed to keep the egg yolk whole when cracking an egg 🙂 Not to mention things like synchronicities, lessons learned, goals achieved, wisdom received and new understandings reached!

    Gratitude brings us to an inner place of true appreciation for whichever circumstance you’re in. In any given moment. And in the ever expansive space of gratitude you open the doorway to love.

    Here is a gorgeous quote that sums it all up beautifully ~

    “Gratitude unlocks the fullness of life. It turns what we have into enough, and more. It turns denial into acceptance, chaos to order, confusion to clarity. It can turn a meal into a feast, a house into a home, a stranger into a friend. Gratitude makes sense of our past, brings peace for today and creates a vision for tomorrow.”
    ― Melody Beattie

    Finding something to be grateful for every day will unlock doors.
    Gratitude is the key.

    ~ Blessings ~

    Starchilddreamer xx

    Notice the subtle messages from the animal kingdom 🙂

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