Do you feel worthy?

The feeling of worthlessness is a heavy one.

I’ve been through it many times before. I know it well. The icky voice of worthlessness.

Only, I thought I’d let it go for good a long time ago, for the spiritual path I’ve been blessed to have journeyed lead me down there. Way down. Through intense soul sweating and enlightening discoveries, I learned, and I moved through those feelings…

But they like to pop up again so it seems!

Perhaps for the sake of this blog those silly old feelings wanted to rear their ugly head again just so that I could write about it and share!

It’s comforting to know that I’ve an ever expanding assortment of useful inner and outer ‘self-help’ resources to access if I choose, most of which I did not have in my early 20’s. So should I happen to recognise old patterns re-emerging, I understand it for what it is and deep down I know what to do.

When worthlessness overcomes me I begin to doubt everything. And what’s worse is that I begin to believe those egoistic thoughts when they start yabbering away! I am not good at this, I am not able to do or create that… etc etc

It’s all bollocks quite frankly and the further I separate myself from those mean spirited thoughts, the more I can connect with who I truly am, and what I know to be…

** ~ Love ~ **

The first step in overcoming irrational feelings of worthlessness is to recognise that it’s possible to be separate from them. Your true beautiful self is not working against you hoping that your life will fall apart and that you will fail :p

The second step is to believe that you ARE worthy of love. Worthy of everything that you sincerely want! Louise Hay brings this message to world and encourages us to use the power of affirmations to install new thought patterns that affirm the truth.

“I am loveable and worth loving”
“The fact that I exist means that I am worth loving”

Try saying that 10 times in front of a mirror and feel the difference! I did and couldn’t help myself. Once that face started smiling it was hard not to smile back 😉

Rhodonite is the stone I was called to work with to help me overcome my weighty moment of worthlessness. Rhodonite teaches us to experience unconditional love in the moment, for what you give out to the world so shall it be received in balance. And if love is what you are lacking, if you are in fear, stressed or impatient, grieving or blocking yourself from the flow of the gift of love, or if your inner child still carries around old wounds and scars, allow this stone to work with you to open up your heart while grounding you in a state of understanding through love.

… And know, trust, that we are eternally worthy in the eyes of Divine 🙂


Starchild Dreamer


Rhodonite is also known as the Emergency Stone, with an amazing ability to rapidly ground in LOVE when one needs immediate comfort


PS ~~ I am grateful for this blog, for as I write so do I learn, or relearn, the truth and what it means to exist inside an inner world where feelings are found.

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5 Responses to Do you feel worthy?

  1. Shifu says:

    I love the way you write, from the heart and with such flow… Thank you again for the message, nice to read something real 🙂 The future looks bright…

  2. I loved that you said, ‘for as I write so do I learn’. I find that as well, with my blog posts on spirituality. I think I am about to write one way but then something different comes out that teaches me. Great post!

    • Thanks for your kind comments and yes, I know what you mean!
      I find myself at times veering off into completely new unexpected depths of understanding around the initial topic. Usually a lesson I need to learn just as much as ‘teach’ ~~
      But new insights are always welcome 😉

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