South Africa

South Africa

The joys of travelling ~ new experiences, a new culture and a sense that I’ve now gained a broader perspective…

My journey has brought me here to South Africa for a three week Christmas/New Year holiday to meet Chris’s family, share the festive season and explore this unique part of the world 🙂

In just a few weeks I have learned so much about the lovely Afrikaans people, who speak a Dutch inspired language and enjoy foods such a braai, potjie and boerewors. Ways of life here seem to resonate with a kind of familiarity and I have often found myself recognizing the many similarities and comparing to my humble Australian upbringing, whilst at the same time acknowledging that here in the colourfully and linguistically diverse South Africa, social problems seem far more apparent, corruption is rife and the divide between those that ‘have’ and those that ‘don’t have’ is obvious.

But there is just so much to appreciate when it comes to nature! South Africa is unmistakably beautiful 🙂 A truly stunning country. We have checked out just some of the beaches, mountains and wilderness and observed its wild animals and pretty birds, and all I can say is ~ wow 😀

And of course, the stones and crystals!… I was so grateful as we stumbled upon a small store offering an unimaginable selection of delightful stones, cut and polished uniquely and for sale at a fraction of the price they would be back home. So we stocked up. Not with the intention of keeping them all (!) but with a higher mission to ensure they will be sold or passed on to deserving others.

These Jaspers below are but a small collection of the many other types of stones and crystals that were excitably purchased.

Jaspers feel so ‘home-y’. They are comfortable to hold and when I’m feeling stressed or slightly on edge, Jasper grounds me ever so subtly, soothes the nerves and nurtures me into a state of balance. (Read more about my Jasper experience here).

Jaspers come in all sorts of colours and patterns and are found in many parts of the world, but these polished earthy South African Red Breciated Jaspers and Madagascan Desert Jaspers were too good to leave behind! We also picked up some incredible Picture and Picasso Jasper pendant pieces (not shown in this pic). Nature’s works of art that served as a reminder to me that these earthly beings surely must be a gift to us so that we can receive not only their energy and learning lessons, but to also appreciate their exceptional beauty.

May the beauty of nature reveal itself to you too.

Peace love and blessings on your journey 🙂




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