Lepidolite and the potential for change

Well, it’s a New Year, so that means fresh beginnings, changing thoughts, open doorways to new ideas and, for me, enthusiasm to steer my life in a brand spanking new direction.

And the comforting Lepidolite reassures me that things can’t and won’t stay the same. It’s time to set new some goals and get moving!

2013 brought its share of challenges (and a whole lot of amazingnesses too!). But I’m one of those souls that had stuff to learn (if that sounds like you too, lucky us I say!). Instead of thriving at full speed, my inner world was a little knocked about and some yuk stuff bubbled to the surface for me to take a closer look at.

It seemed I was further from divine love than Id expected.

Chris my fiancé tells me that he sees me as a ‘ball of love’ but if that’s the case, why would ‘love’ allow fear, insecurity and mistrust to hang around and make a nuisance of itself?

It was meant to be that way I guess, for as we experience, heal and reflect so do we learn. Sometimes profoundly, deeply. And what joy there is in realising where you need to heal and allowing yourself to BE healed, with insights from personal experience leading the way! By recognising profoundly what it feels like to not be ‘love’ and thus moving in the direction toward it.

Or as Philosophical Writer and Speaker Alan Watts puts it ~

“So what is discord at one level of your being is harmony at another level.”

So, I bought this gorgeous Lepidolite necklace for half price at a closing down crystal sale late last year and knew it was meant for me! I only wore it once or twice last year, but this past week I can’t get enough of this rough edged yet smooth faced lilac purple pendant!

I absolutely LOVE lepidolite! Not only is this stone my fave colour but its vibration is lovely and it’s metaphysical properties are so versatile as it is used widely in healing sessions, able to aid one in overcoming addictions, encouraging independence, connecting with spirit, removing blockages and one can also wear or use it to alleviate unwelcome symptoms such as nerve pain, tension and stress, epilepsy and alzheimers as well as providing profound healing for those suffering from mental health conditions. In simple words its primary activating principal is all about ‘transition’. Moving from one state of consciousness or awareness to a higher, lighter, organised or more focussed state.

That’s what I need to kick start my year!

I’ve since been busy sorting through my priorities and what I can purposefully leave way back there in good old 2013. Now that the jetlag and post-holiday slump from our recent overseas adventure to South Africa has subsided and ‘reality’ has made itself well and truly known, I feel a sense of new-ness in the air. I have committed to part time studies and developed a new work plan for the role that pays my bills, we’re back into exercise, meditating, healthy eating and I’ve even created a simple (and therefore) achievable list of goals for the year.

Thanks Lepidolite for being with me as I sorted myself out! 2014 looks to be exciting. I’ve a feeling that I can be and do the things I truly set my mind (and heart) to. So can you.


Peace ~ love ~ blessings





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