Rose quartz is all about love and forgiveness :)

There are many lessons to learn in this earthly reality, but one of the most profound of these lessons is what it means to love ~ truly and unconditionally.

On our quest to wherever it is we are going, we seem to seek a feeling of love. From a tender young age it is our primary goal. And once felt and recognised, we want it more and more. Its easy to see why so many crave the divine experience of love…

Because, let’s be honest, to love is the most exhilarating and heart opening of all emotions, and it is because of love that we make some of the biggest life changing decisions!

I don’t know about you, but many of my most challenging lessons relate to love. When it comes to love, we are oftentimes so fearful of losing it that we hold on to it tightly or we push it away, destroying what we hold dearest to our hearts because we are scared of something that could be so perfect. We doubt it or believe love is not possible for us. Or sometimes we are so caught up in drama and self-defeatism that love goes unnoticed.

Yet without love we are lost. Disconnected.

Sometimes love disguises itself in the form of abuse, neglect, rage ~ because those who act out in this way are also experiencing lessons of love. They must learn what it means perhaps more than any of us. Sometimes love does leave us behind, broken hearts or death in our wake. But that won’t stop us on our continued search for love. For we must dedicate our entire lives to it. That ‘love’ feeling, whatever it is for each individual, can be experienced in everything we do on this planet.

I’m not just talking about a deep loving soul connection, or the kind of love that exists between a mother and child, or through the union of true divine marriage ~ some of the best gifts of love around, true. But love can be found through connecting with our neighbours, our friends, strangers, passers by… love can even be found in the work that we do, in our chores, cooking, gardening, artistic pursuits, exercise routine… Everything!

When we move through life with love in our hearts, we let the light of God in, and that is the kind of divinity we are truly seeking.

Rose quartz is all about love and forgiveness. Unconditional in its purest form, we are blessed with this common pink healing stone for she teaches us through forgiveness that love is possible in all situations and that love is here waiting for us when we are ready to open our hearts. I’ve placed a large raw piece in my drinking water jug this past week and I’m enjoying the gentle soothing energy immensely (thank you beautiful Jacqueline for the idea!) It’s also a great idea to place a nice raw or tumbled stone beside your bed ~ sleep peacefully whilst your bedroom fills with a subtle loving vibration. You may even notice a shift in energy between you and your partner if you’re in a relationship 🙂

As humans we are by nature divine loving beings and we are all capable of not only finding love, but of allowing ourselves to experience it in every moment. Unconditionally.

May love find its way into your heart. Peacefully and perfectly, may love find its way to you … In everything that you do 🙂

2014 blessings

Peace 🙂




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