The Vision Quest

We are all on our own vision quest. We have an idea in our minds of who we are and who we want to be in x amount of time. Our thoughts change over the years from finishing high school through the early 20s, late 20’s and beyond. For me here at the medium sized age of 31 I’m seeing new parts of myself that must be explored, I’ve also given up on whole lot of useless aspects that no longer make sense or that i can’t, quite frankly, be bothered by anymore.

Friendships have come and gone or morphed into something new. I’ve learned some solid lessons about life, experienced intense heartache and withdrawn from many opportunities out of fear. I know all about that stuff. But so too has life pulled me towards exactly what I needed and desired without any apparent decision making on my part…

Via my up & down experiences I have created a new sense of who I am. And within that is a new concept of who it is I’m striving to become.

I’m on a mission. A vision quest of self-creation.

And for me this means fulfilling all aspects of my potential including, in no specific order ~ maintaining a healthy diet and exercise, meditation and spiritual fulfilment, relationships with significant others, friends and family, reaching new levels of job related satisfaction involving healing, helping and giving love to others and, being as creative as I am able to through my fave artistic mediums, not to mention ensuring time for fun, recreation and new experiences.

I’m on a vision quest to be and do everything I truly want.

So I must be clear about what my vision is, and begin to fill the spaces in between with loving steps that get me closer to where I’m intending to go. Without frustration or fear that I’m not able to fulfil the mission, never giving up hope in the possibility of an exciting unfolding.

Iolite is the stone of ‘vision’. A stunning dark or purple-y to violet blue stone that resembles sapphire. Like most stones it can be not only worn, carried or used in healings, but I like to place it on my third eye during meditation to be more stimulated by the energy. I feel the pull of iolite when it’s time for a deeper vision for the future. When I must go within on a personal journey towards better understanding and perspective. New ideas are born with the energy of iolite, perceptions shift with an honest depth.

My Vision Quest is calling me. My future self is calling me. And with the help and support of iolite and some time spent alone, the way can be be shown to me through opening my third eye (also known as ‘inner sight’). Bring it on!

~~ Peace and blessings ~~




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Giving the gift of Fluorite

I so do love to give crystals as gifts to people. I cannot, with enough words, describe the truly uplifting and joy-filled feeling that rises from within, bursting from my heart each and every time I pass on God’s love and expansion through the gift of crystals.

It’s as though the crystals speak to me. Or perhaps it’s my intuition that calls as I’m blessed with a spark of inspiration to give a particular stone or crystal to whichever individual I have the privilege of evolving.

I don’t quite see myself as a ‘Crystal Healer’ just yet, for I am but still on the path of spiritual unfolding. There are many more courses and workshops ahead of me, not to mention practice and professional healings to ‘perform’ when divine timing makes it so.

As a healer, getting to know people on a deeper level and learning about where there’re at and what they truly need from an emotional or energetic perspective, comes to me as subtle inner information that I cannot switch off. Once the crystal beckons me, it’s imperative I follow through to ensure this person receives it. Then the weaving of magik can begin its inception and a renewed state of consciousness can be revealed as frequencies are attuned to the Wisdom of Nature.

Today, a very good friend of my fiancΓ© was given the gift of fluorite πŸ™‚ . I have known this awesome human being for almost a year now. And whilst he’s struggling with addiction problems and alcoholism, issues which I hope to be able to help or guide him through in the future, perhaps in conjunction with other healing modalities once he’s ready… I have always seen this guy as highly intelligent, wise, talented and capable of making stuff happen. But for a myriad of reasons, he’s stuck in a place that is not unravelling his potential. And to a certain extent it has seemed he’s given up believing he has something incredible to offer.

Absolute nonsense.

For some reason fluorite was hassling me to get this stone in his possession. I missioned to the crystal shop a few weeks ago with fluorite on the ‘must get’ list (& of course purchased several others, which must be somewhat amusing to Chris as he waits patiently while I frolic about the store excited and transfixed πŸ™‚ )

But it was only today that I was given the opportunity to finally pass on this stunning tumbled piece of fluorite I purchased that day, with the intention of expansion, wisdom, inner knowing, re-aligning and truth.

“Fluorite’s nickname is the “genius stone” for it represents the highest state of mental achievement.” – Katrina Raphaell

I know this friend of ours has capabilities in I.T. and business and it’s about time he experienced a deeper sense of that.

The stone was beautifully cleansed under the recent new moon and I look forward to its manifestation!

Peace and blessings

StarchildDreamer xx


Fluorite is a powerful new age stone for the mind ~ to improve concentration, learning and memory. Place one on your desk or by a computer or meditate with one to enhance understanding and reasoning

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Meet the agates

Today, this weekend, wow.
I’ve been on a new journey.

I began anew
Or so it seems
Brighter beginnings are ahead
If I simply let go and trust ~~

This weekend we were blessed by the company of agates.
These stones felt as if they came as a family, here to support us on a Musical mission.
Chris is writing some lovely music and it was my role to sing a little bit.
Not only were the gorgeous goddesses there with me, but so too were the funny agates.
They called me to bring them to the music studio yesterday and I even felt drawn to wear my blue lace agate stone necklace all weekend.
‘Meet the agates’ is the name of the track Chris is busy working on now ~ lol.

Thanks agates! You made us laugh and you kept us in the zone.


Jodie StarchildDreamer



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Time to let go

Ok. So…. sorry for the hiatus. It’s a been a hectic time!

I have been on a bit of a journey of unravellings these past few weeks. As you may or may not have gathered from previous posts about my car accident and questioning my whereabouts etc, life, shall we say, fluctuated.

I have since been exploring and poking about, written several blog posts, none of which I deemed suitable for posting & all of which are in my ‘maybe later when I’m feeling more open to extreme vulnerability’ pile… Honesty is a good thing, but Im mindful of being ‘too honest’ and henceforth leaving a trail of messy blog stains that I’ll only have to go through and clean up later.

I’ve realised I’m at a new place in my life. And just as I was beginning to feel that I was getting closer to being sorted, in actual fact I have much more spring cleaning to do.


I’m also working out where and how this blogging thing fits into my life. So excuse me for hiding and I promise to be more post-y in future.

In the meantime, I also recently discovered a new crystal shop in South East Melbs, Crystal World ~~ wowww, l love this place. I’ll be sure to return on several, several occasions πŸ™‚

There’s very little that brightens my day more than to find and purchase new stones and crystals! (Don’t tell Chris I said that πŸ˜‰ ….)… My new favourite is ‘green calcite‘!

I’ve been on the lookout for green calcite after a suggestion from a friend to help me move forward from baggage that was weighing me down at the time. That was a while ago now, but I simply wasn’t drawn to the right piece. In fact, a funny story – a few weeks ago as I was about to purchase a small chunk of green calcite at my local crystal store, the woman serving me dropped the stone and literally could not find it again! She was on her hands and knees, peering under the counter looking for the little escapee but gave up after some time. I guess that one wasn’t meant for me! But ever since I held my new unique chunk it felt so right. And so I brought it home and have been mildly obsessed by the colours and intricacies. Not winning any awards for the most ‘attractive’ stone persee, but that’s not the point.

The point is that it feels like home in my hand today, and I’m taking in a very clear message that green calcite brings…

It’s time to release my resentments and stresses, open my heart, let go and trust in life again πŸ™‚

~~ Blessings ~~



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My journey away from home

I have been blessed to have grown up in a loving family ~ My mum and dad have always been the most solid characters in my life. They still faithfully live in the same outer suburb of Brisbane, a stones throw away from many other family members and dear friends that I would call friends for life. My parents go camping on the weekends, they have a dog and a newly renovated kitchen and uphold humble 9-5’s gracefully πŸ™‚Β  This way of life has been very grounding and I’m truly grateful.

My personal journey however, called me towards something else. As I began to explore life, travel to incredible countries like India, Nepal, Guatemala, Mexico, Belize and even the US, Canada, Europe and a long-ish stint in the UK, I learned about other cultures, beliefs, political systems, spiritual practices, not to mention food, music and ways to have fun! Mostly though, I learned a hell of a lot about ‘me’.

My path eventually lead me here to Melbourne in early 2012, after a 3 year stint in the luscious and spiritually infused Byron Bay on the NSW North Coast. The big city was calling me and for good reason ~ for it was here I met my soulmate and best friend, Chris πŸ™‚

I’ve always tried to stay true to my path. For many times it would have been easy to follow other’s wishes and move back to Brisbane to heed their call. Yet my heart has always lead the way. I can’t describe why or how, just a ‘knowing’ from deep within, was always telling me which decision was right at that time. I’ve often questioned this inner knowing, become frustrated with myself for being unable to live a ‘normal’ life in the one place, but sometimes I have felt truly blessed. For it takes courage to move in the direction of your hearts desires. No matter how difficult it was at times to be so far away from some of the most incredible people I know, I have learned that my journey is my own and that’s ok.

The side affect to all this worldly exploration and is that I became acutely aware of the discord between my humble upbringing in that corner of the world in which I occupied my whole life up until the age of 20, to who and where I am today. And as much as I would love to please my mother and move back some day (love you mum!)…. I’m wondering if it can be done…

I’m 31 now, no spring chicken I know! I don’t feel 31 in spirit, but the urge to embark on new levels of responsibility including well planned and carefully thought out decisions and even the prospect of children in the near future is upon me. A far cry from the old me who possessed a sole priority to know only what fun could be had this coming weekend, and if I had enough money to do it.

My recent car accident has given me a kind of wake up call. I’m finding myself asking a little deeper ~ What do I really want? Which direction do I truly want to head?

I was given a chance at life that night, and I want to ensure that I’m utilising this chance as best I can πŸ™‚

But I guess for now I don’t need to have all the answers. Just posing the question is enough. For that is the gateway to new means of discovery. And my heart shall lead me there too.


Sounds clichΓ©d but the words ring true ~~ ‘Follow your heart’ ~~ xx





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Settling the Monkey Mind

Some of the joys of having an active imagination, or as Chris my fiancΓ© likes to call it, my ‘monkey mind’ is that I can oftentimes come up with unique solutions to problems, concoct interesting (but mostly yummy!) meals that have strayed from the recipe or I find myself in silly situations that make me (and others) laugh πŸ˜‰ Or when there’s a creative task at hand, chances are the process will unravel me in such a way that I end up in a completely unique headspace and with a whole new suite of thoughts and ideas that hadn’t occurred to me before!

The hard part for me though is to be able to focus my thoughts intently. Rather than let my mind throw me about from one idea to the next without realising what thought patterns are evoking what associated emotion. And despite the fact that it can at times be an entertaining journey being swept up in randomness, sometimes, it’s nice to just ‘be’.

There are several ways of combating the ‘monkey mind’ syndrome, such as yoga or tai chi and other forms of gentle focussed exercise, music, even healthful eating is beneficial.

But I cannot stress enough the most valuable and beneficial technique one can ever use to settle the over active mind ~ is meditation.

It has taken a while to get into a steady and worthwhile meditation routine, one that we can stick to every day, that isn’t too demanding of our time (especially if you’re like me and love a wee little sleep in in the morning πŸ˜‰ ).

So Chris and I have committed ourselves to 10 minutes every morning. That’s it. Maybe more down the track but for now 10 minutes is manageable, doable and so far quite achievable.

Chris is, let me just say, truly remarkable in his ability to silence his mind for the full 10 mins (I admire him sincerely for this). For me it’s more of a challenge and a learning process. Yet I’m committed to our routine and already reaping the benefits. I feel better throughout my day at work; I have more in-depth insights and a subtle sense of clarity, I’m feeling less hectic in my bodily movements because I have allowed my mind to catch up to my body, so it seems I’m ‘in sync’ with myself (if that makes sense).

Crystals can also help bring about a deep sense of calmness and centredness. There are a variety of stones and crystals that can be used to settle the mind during meditation, focussing your thoughts and attention to enhance your intuition. ‘Fluorite’ is fantastic for this. When wanting to open up those receptors in your brain to allow for a spiritual connection I suggest holding a piece of ‘muscovite’ or the visionary ‘pietersite’. For me and my meditation journey towards stilling the mind and feeling a sense of peace within, I can’t go past ‘selenite’.

To the untrained and unexplored mind, overthinking can become a minefield of words and purposeless associations; there’s a sense of chaos reigning your inner world… But with meditation I experience a more aware sense of stillness, a pause, an unaffected moment in time, and a growing ability to connect to the well of wisdom within. It’s almost monkey magic πŸ™‚

Love and blessings


selenite crystals are so calming πŸ™‚


20131127-213356.jpg click here! I have a Facebook page too πŸ™‚

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